Columbia Gorge

Why a hair and makeup artist can help make your dreams come true.


Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is one of the most important steps you can take in making sure you wedding day is everything you dream it will be. It can mean the difference between being rushed, stressed and disorganized or calm, collected and confident. You want your wedding day to be perfect, and having a professional on hand to help you look your very best goes a long way in that dream.

 Here are a few reasons why

 A steady hand: There’s a good chance you’ll be nervous, busy, rushed, overwhelmed and hectic on your wedding day, and so will people around you. You can leave your hair and makeup up to a friend, family member or yourself, or you can bring in a professional with calm nerves, a steady hand and a clear picture of what you really want and how to make that happen. 

Time: You don’t have all day to work on your hair and makeup, and even more important, your hair and makeup won’t last all day. An experienced hair and makeup artist will take less time and the result will last a lot longer. They know the best products to use in different environmental conditions (wind and weather, sunlight, temperature, etc.) d can think on the fly to make sure you look beautiful from the first look through the father-daughter dance.

Products: A good hair and makeup artist will be armed with a wide variety of products, tools and tricks of the trade- all on hand for whatever challenge comes up. These are top of the line products selected specifically for quality and longevity, many of which you wouldn’t know about unless you’re in the industry. When you have a professional on hand, you can have confidence in knowing they’re using the best products on the market. 

 Confidence: The most important piece of the puzzle. You can’t put a price on feeling confident and truly beautiful on your wedding day. The same goes for your bridal party. Chances are you have a LOT to think about on that special day.

Being able to relax, enjoy the moment and trust in a professional to help get you ready is priceless!